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Electronic cigarettes have been all the rage in Europe for several years, and are now available in the USA.

No flame = no burnt clothes or carpets
No Tar (or other cig chemicals)
No second hand smoke
Your clothes and hair won't smell like an ashtray
Feels just like normal smoking
Still has nicotine, so no withdrawel
About 80% cheaper than smoking
A normal pack a day smoker can easily save over a thousand dollars a year !!!

Our refill kits, costing less than $10, will equal 1-2 CARTONS of cigarettes.

IMPORTANT: Because of the mass amount of knockoff junk sold online, in malls, and on television, we have gone directly to the manufacturer of the best units and had these made for us. Rest assured these are top quality genuine units, and not the inferior 'clones' filled with Chinese made liquids many sites are selling, often for 2-3 times this amount.

We sell ONLY 100% American made liquid for these devices.

Electronic Cig
Deluxe Kit
Gift boxed, includes:
2 Battery Packs
2 Refillable Cartridges
2 Covers
USB Charger
User Manual
1 Medium Refill Bottle
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Electronic Cig
Starter Kit
1 Battery Pack
1 Refillable Cartridge
1 Cover
USB Charger
User Manual
1 Small Refill Bottle
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Don't forget Ecig Parts and Supplies.

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