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Not to pick on a specific company, but just for the sake of having an example, we'll use Miele:

The burning question: Why are there soooo many versions of vacuum bags from each maker?

How many of you have gone shopping and had this (or a similar) conversation?

"I need a bag for my Miele upright." Great, the next question from the person trying to help you will be, "Which one?" You, dear customer, thought you were providing enough helpful information, but you have failed...or rather, you been been set up to fail.

Silly rabbit, there can't be just one Miele bag which fits all uprights. There are two. At least you have a 50/50 chance. The same as a coin flip.


"I'd like some vacuum bags for my Miele canister, please." The good news is there are not two versions. The bad news is there are three versions. Now your odds of guessing correctly have fallen to 33%. The kid behind the counter or on the other end of the phone - he/she probably has not been around long enough to even know what you are trying your best to describe.


To their credit, they have tried a color-coding system recently...but are you REALLY going to remember this every year ot two when you need bags? You have important things in life to remember, such as returning home from soccer practice with the correct number of children.

Miele is FAR from the worst - there are companies which actually have DOZENS of different vacuum cleaner bags. Not interchangeable, of course - you have to have the correct one. (Math wizzes, what percentage would 1 in 24 odds be?)

We are trying to make this easier for our customers. For example, if you own a Miele, you can go to our canister or upright page where you can simply select your model and see the correct bags (and other items) that will fit your vacuum.

Over time, we hope to have this solved for this other brands - those manufacturers with dozens of bags and hundreds of models produced over the decades.

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