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SHOPPING TIP: Your purchasing decision should be based on finding a reputable dealer in which you can have confidence both today and in the years to come.

We have been Miele authorized dealers for two decades.

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While other companies are busy making claims, Miele is busy making what we feel are the very best canister vacuums available today. Superior construction, maximum power, outstanding filtration, and a 7-year motor warranty from the manufacturer (plus a free extended warranty from us) add up to a winning combination for both your home and your family's health.

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New For 2018
The C3 Complete models vary with a choice of cleaning heads for virtually any home.
The vacuums of choice for allergy sufferers.

Miele's 2018 flagship models are the Miele Brilliant and the Miele Marin.

The C3 Complete standard models include the Alize, Calima, Kona, and Cat&Dog.

The New Soft Carpet model is made for, well, soft carpets.
The new, expensive carpeting being sold in which most vacuums sink into.

All C3 Miele vacuums include the sealed S-Class HEPA filter preinstalled for you.

With a lightweight skeletal frame like a european sports car, the C3 canisters weigh about 11 pounds. and start at only $629.


The C2 Compact models are available with a choice of cleaning heads for homes with hard floors or low pile carpet. The C2 series (like the C3 series above) are certified, completely sealed systems.

The C2 Compact models include the Miele Quartz, Onyx, and Topaz..

The C2 Compact series canisters weigh about 11 pounds, and start at only $399.


The C1 Classic models are basic, dependable vacuums with a choice of cleaning heads for homes with hard floors or low pile carpet.

The C1 Classic models include the Miele Olympus, Capri, Delphi, and Titan.

The C1 Classic canisters weigh only about 9 pounds, and start at only $329.

Confused? Let us help you select the perfect Miele for your home and needs.
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  Prefer an upright? Check out the Miele U1 Maverick Basic and Miele U1 standard.

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Vacuum Outlet has been an authorized Miele online authorized dealer for over a decade. Let us help you pick the perfect Miele for your home and needs.