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BBBOnLine Reliability Seal SEBO products are made in Germany by the world's largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners. They know how to make vacuum cleaners which are tough, reliable, and thoroughly engineered. Compare a SEBO with any other machine and you will see the difference.

SEBO upright vacuum cleaners are made to outperform the best domestic uprights, using engineering standards not found on most vacuum cleaners. This is the perfect lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, with features you won't find on ANY other machine.

The Automatic-X machines will give exceptional cleaning performance, automatically adjusting themselves to the optimum cleaning height. They will switch themselves off automatically if they are jammed, blocked, or if the bag is full. Once located on the holder, the bag will load into the machine automatically, simply by you closing the cover, and you'll no longer have the hassle of changing belts ever again when using your Sebo.

Now available in the U.S., these machines have recieved the highest ratings worldwide, including 'Best Buy' ratings in the leading European consumer magazines and newspapers.

When it comes to upright vacuums, the intelligent choice is automatic.

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Sebo Automatic X Series

Unmatched Reliability
German-engineered and constructed to the highest standards

Never Replace a Belt Again
Reinforced cogged belt design along with brushroll protection is designed to last the life of the machine.

Power through Efficiency
Active Height Control, a Timing Belt-driven Brush Roller, and an Intelligent Filter Configuration allow the automatic X series to clean effectively while using less energy.
For more information, give us a call toll free at 1 (800) 957-3531.

Automatic Height Control
Built-In Microprocesser automatically controls the height adjustment of the machine, making sure it is at the correct height for any surface. This unit also lets you know if the bag is full, or if there is a blockage in the machine, offering additional protection for the unit.

S-Class HEPA Filtration
Breathe easier by using a vacuum with Proven Machine Filtration of greater than 99.97% of all lung-damaging particulates down to 0.3 microns in size. 100% filtration of particles of 1 micron and larger such as dust, pollen, and other common allergens.
Note: A special charcoal activiated S-Class HEPA Filter is also available for those with pets. The charcoal is specially designed to help with pet odors, smoke, and other household odors.

Additional Features
Commercial quality 40-ft. cord and on-board tools with stretch hose and comfort grip handle.

3-year Parts Warranty
Allows you the Peace of Mind that comes with knowing you have chosen a machine that we and the manufacturer will stand behind.

The X1 and X2 have been replaced by updated models. Learn about the new Sebo X4 and X5 vacuums.
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