Let Vacuum Outlet help you solve that pet hair problem once and for all.
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At Vacuum Outlet, we realize that households with pets have different needs. We understand the problems you are trying to contend with concerning both having a machine powerful enough to clean pet hair, while removing odors which can be associated with pets.

While every manufacturer is going to make claims, we've only found 2 brands of vacuums which are really capable of handling these problems. The recommended machines are among the most powerful available, and include activated charcoal carbon block filters specially designed to control odors as well as dust. (HEPA filter vacuums offered by other companies cannot help with odors.)

Both are also extremely durable units with outstanding warranties 7 year motor warranties from the manufacturer - plus a free Vacuum Outlet extended warranty) compared with the 1 year warranty you receive with the standard 'store bought' brands.

Miele Cat and Dog Upright

Miele Cat and Dog Canister

Dog and Cat Hair Vacuums

Let Vacuum Outlet help you solve your pet hair problem once and for all.