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We've listed these tips based on our combined decades of experience in the industry, and we hope you find these tips valuable. We'd also love to hear any tips you'd like to add for our customers - simply drop us a line.
DON'T use the sprinkle on carpet powders in your machine.

Not a proven fact, but we've done many expensive repairs over the years that could have been caused by this. Here's an even better reason NOT to use it:

Ever wonder why you smell it when you vacuum it up? Here's why: The powder is so fine it blows through the vacuum bag and through your machine and back into the air where you are breathing it - that's why you can smell it. Do you really want to be breathing that stuff?

Also, the cause of odors in vacuum cleaners is from bacteria growing in the bags. Bags should be changed at least once a month, and more often is better. Many of the bags we sell are treated with a chemical that helps destroy the bacteria and odors in bags.

DON'T ever pick up drywall soot or clean out the fireplace with your vacuum.

Most of the same things that apply to carpet powder applies to this statement. Let me just say I've seen a lot of expensive repairs due to people unknowingly doing this. A better solution - if you really need to use a vac to clean up large amounts of drywall, or to clean out the fireplace, pick up a cheap $10 vaccum at a yardsale, and use it for that purpose. That way you can have a disposable vac for cleaning up that stuff, and you won't be damaging your good vacuum and facing major repairs.

Don't run your machine on any surface that isn't completely dry.

We all know about shock hazards...I'm talking about vacuuming over a slightly damp carpet. Be especially careful after shampooing the carpets, and be careful around the doorways where snow and rain can be tracked into your home. Running your vacuum cleaner on these surfaces pulls small amounts of moisture into your machine. This can allow some of the parts to corrode and/or rust, causing your repair problems in the future.

Change your bag AT LEAST once a month.

We've already talked about the odor and bacteria problems associated with bags. How long do you keep your garbage sitting around? That bag is one of the dirtiest places in your home, full of germs and bacteria - change it often.

Also, cleaning performance is based largely on that bag. A clogged bag also causes your machine to run hotter and puts more strain on your motor. The few cents you save in bags is lost on the dollars that you'll spend for machine repairs.

Never let your vacuum bag get over half full.

Change your belt about every three months.

Belts are DESIGNED to stretch and wear out, the same as fan belts on cars. Just because they belt hasn't broken doesn't mean that it's not stretched so badly that the beater bar is no longer turning at full speed. If it's been more than three months, change your belt. Again, much of your cleaning performance is linked to this.

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