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Thank you for choosing VACUUM OUTLET. We offer the highest-quality vacuum cleaners (including Miele and Sebo) on the market today. We also carry a full line of vacuum cleaner bags, belts, filters, shampoo, and parts for all popular vacuums. Click on a link below to get started.

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PRIVACY STATEMENT: Any information gathered at this site when you request information or place an order will NEVER be sold, rented, or distributed to any other companies. We also will not send you an email every day for the rest of your life. We hate when companies do it to us, so we won't do it to you.
Our mission is simple: As we've done for two decades online, we strive to provide the vacuum products customers want at competitive prices. We have survived (and arguably thrived) by doing things differently.

While we carry bags and belts for dozens of popular brands, we are VERY picky about the vacuums we actually recommend and sell. We do NOT offer everything that comes into the market. We test, use, and abuse these vacs so we know that what we ship to you will hold up for you year after year. Nothing pleases us more than getting a phone call from someone who bought from us twelve or fifteen years ago, are ready for another vacuum, and chose to come back to us to based on the successful Miele or Sebo recommendation and service we provided to them in the past, whether they are in our town or across the country.

While we were not the first vacuum dealer online, we were part of the first handful. Sadly, most of those from the early days did not survive all of the changes in both technology and vacuum products.

While our website may not look as flashy as some others, many have chosen to become our customer because of our old fashioned simplicity - and while we are working on rolling out some amazing changes for Fall 2018 (as we are celebrating our 21st year online), we are going to stick with old fashioned values when it comes to servicing our new and repeat customers. Our goal is for you to navigate our site quickly, find the vacuum bags or vacuum you want quickly, and make our ordering process as simple as possible.

If this is your first visit with us, we hope you'll find what you need quickly and place an order so you can get on with the other important things in your day. If you are one of our repeat customers from years past, all we can say is THANK YOU !

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Fun fact: These products are commonly misspelled or referred to as: sweeper, vacumn, vacumm, vacume, vacuume, vacum, vac or vacs, along with brand names incorrectly referred to as Meile, SeaBo, or Electriclux.